Brief statement by King Willem-Alexander after his meeting with President Dalia Grybauskaitė of Lithuania, Vilnius

I’d like to start by thanking President Grybauskaitė for the invitation and for her kind and warm words. This year, your country is celebrating the centennial of the restoration of its independence. 
I’m grateful for this opportunity to express our solidarity with the free and independent Lithuania.

Freedom and independence are beyond price, and need to be constantly defended.

We are well aware what great sacrifices the people of this country have had to make for their freedom in the past. 

The shared belief in the core values of free society forms a deep bond between us. A bond that is expressed, for example, in our close relationship within NATO. The Netherlands is proud that we can make a concrete contribution to peace and security in this region. Later this week, we will reflect on this partnership, together with the military personnel involved.

We also cherish Lithuania as a partner in the EU. It’s striking how like-minded our two countries are within the Union. This makes it all the more worthwhile to explore the potential for deepening our partnership.

We’re convinced there are still plenty of opportunities. During this visit, the focus will be on energy. That’s a key theme for both our countries.

Our relationship is built on a keen awareness of history. But also on our belief in a shared future.

Both elements lend this visit an extra dimension in this year that is so special for you.

I look forward to bolstering our friendship and deepening our partnership.

Thank you.