Brief press statement by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander (together with His Majesty King Carl Gustaf) in Stockholm

I’d like to begin by thanking you, Your Majesty, and Queen Silvia for your warm welcome here in Stockholm. My wife and I have been greatly looking forward to this state visit to Sweden, for two reasons in particular.

Firstly, for us personally it’s a real pleasure to see you both, speak to you and spend some quality time with you. We cherish the friendship our families have enjoyed for so long. One that’s been passed on from generation to generation.
Secondly, we’re pleased to be visiting Sweden because there’s so much to admire about this country. It’s creative and innovative. Committed to universal equality. A pillar of the international legal order.

At this time, with so many challenges coming together, we need those qualities more than ever.

The Netherlands sees many of its values reflected in Sweden. We feel a strong bond with your country. 
And what’s more: as two highly developed, medium-sized, prosperous European countries, we have a special responsibility. When it comes to devising solutions that will benefit today’s and tomorrow’s generations, it’s fair to expect us to make a real contribution.

It is our conviction, and that of everyone travelling with us on this visit, that Sweden and the Netherlands can achieve far more together than they can alone.

Take the greening of our energy supply and economy. We have to make them cleaner and more efficient, with much lower carbon emissions. During our visit we will be looking at several fantastic initiatives here in Sweden. And at the ever-closer cooperation between Swedish and Dutch companies and knowledge institutions.

Or take the challenge of safeguarding quality healthcare for all. Working together will help both our countries find solutions.

We realise that we are visiting Sweden at a time of great change. Your country is preparing to join the NATO Alliance, a move which the Netherlands warmly welcomes. And last month’s election will also bring changes, as is fitting in a democratic system.

We can truly relate to what’s going on in Sweden, and the concerns you have, for example in areas like security and integration. In our country, too, these are difficult issues. 

No one has all the answers, so it’s important for trusted friends to listen to each other and share our experiences. That’s certainly another reason we’re here.

Queen Máxima and I are very much looking forward to the next few days, here in Stockholm and in Gothenburg, the city the Dutch helped to build, 400 years ago. We have every confidence that today, as in the past, we can work with Sweden to help build a bright future.

Thank you.