Speech by King Willem-Alexander at a network reception at the Governor’s Mansion, Albany, United States

Governor Hochul, 
Ladies and gentlemen,

What a privilege it is to conclude this special day in Albany with all of you in this iconic location. Since 1877, it has been the New York Governor’s official residence. And for the past three years it has been your home base, Governor Hochul, as the first woman to hold this office.
Rumour has it that the ‘Princess Room’ in this building was named for my mother, Beatrix. Just one more reason for me to feel at home here.

Four hundred years have passed since Dutch settlers built Fort Orange. The start of what would eventually become this beautiful city. And ever since then, we’ve felt the strength of the bond between us. A bond that’s palpable here this evening.

My wife and I are regular visitors to New York State. But we don’t often have the chance to speak to so many different people in a single visit. To explore so many different topics. 

Today, for example, we met with young people from this city to discuss their concerns about climate change and their view of the future. We also spoke with business leaders and researchers about nanotechnology and semiconductors.

The more people we talk with, and the more perspectives we hear, the clearer it becomes that all these stories are interconnected. You can’t have a sustainable, healthy future without a strong, innovative economy and a free, open society with a place for everyone. 

That’s why it’s so important for us to be meeting here, at the Governor’s Mansion. Let’s share our stories. 
Thanks to the special bond between New York State and the Netherlands, together we can truly go far.
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