Public appointments

In 1984 Prince Claus accepted four new posts in addition to his post of Special Advisor on Development Cooperation.

In that year, he became:

  • Inspector-General for Development Cooperation;
  • member of the Board of Directors of De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.;
  • member of the Board of Directors of  Royal PTT Nederland;
  • and Chair of the Transport and Public Works Platform.

In 1998 he withdrew from his posts at De Nederlandsche Bank NV and Koninklijke PTT Nederland NV when he reached the statutory age limit of 72.

Prince Claus was also honorary chair of the National Coordinating Committee for the Protection of Monuments and Historic Buildings and the King William I Foundation, and patron of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and Scouting Netherlands.

To mark Prince Claus's seventieth birthday, the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development was established on the initiative of the Dutch government. The objective of the Fund is to enhance understanding of cultures and to promote interaction between culture and development. Prince Constantijn now acts as honorary chair.