Work until 1980

Immediately on his arrival in the Netherlands the Prince had devoted his energies to learning the Dutch language and familiarising himself with every aspect of Dutch society. During the early years of their marriage, Prince Claus and Princess Beatrix devoted much of their time to the upbringing of their children. They went on various visits, not only to Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles but also to many other countries and international organisations.

The Prince was involved in a variety of activities, but he was particularly interested in development cooperation. This was a field in which the knowledge and experience he had gained during his diplomatic career could be put to good use. He was appointed member of the National Advisory Council for Development Cooperation and its Bureau, and he was Chair of the National Committee for Development Strategy 1970‑1980, Chair of the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and special adviser to the Minister for Development Cooperation. In these capacities he visited a number of countries targeted by Dutch policy, such as India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia.