Short New Year’s address by His Majesty the King at a reception for the Diplomatic Corps, Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are delighted to welcome you all to the Royal Palace here in Amsterdam. Your task as members of the Diplomatic Corps is becoming ever more significant.

It is not always easy to take a step back and look at the wider picture. However, as you all know, this is precisely what is necessary if we are to build a better future for us all.

These are challenging times.

There are many pressing issues demanding our attention and solutions can only be achieved by joining forces across borders.

Mitigating climate change, driving back organized crime, safeguarding sustainable growth; all these efforts are crucial to the wellbeing of families and communities everywhere.

No country can face these challenges alone and stand any chance of success.

International cooperation is in the national, regional and local interest.

This underscores the vital importance of your connecting role as diplomats.

My wife and I would like to thank you for the conversations we have had with many of you in the past year. We value your contribution and hope to continue our partnership in the year that lies ahead of us.

I also hope that this reception will inspire you to meet colleagues from other countries and discuss with them what is on your mind.

Everything starts with dialogue! Very often there is more common ground than we assume.

I should now like to invite you to raise your glass. I wish you all every success in your work. And I hope that 2019 brings you and your loved ones fulfilment, peace and happiness.