General information

Press releases

Every year the Government Information Service (RVD) releases around 350 news items about the Royal House. You can subscribe to them at (in Dutch) or via RSS.


The YouTube channel ‘Koninklijk Huis’ contains both current and historical footage of members of the Royal House. Alongside news reports about the work being done by King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix, you can find footage of speeches from the throne, Christmas speeches and royal weddings


The Twitter account @koninklijkhuis is used to send brief messages about the activities of the members of the Royal House and other current events


News items and photos regularly appear on the Royal House Facebook page detailing the activities of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.


Speeches given by the members of the Royal House are subsequently posted on the website. In addition to speeches delivered at public events, the website also contains an archive of speeches from the throne.


As a rule, members of the Royal House do not give interviews. On rare occasions a request for an interview may be granted, generally when it relates to the specific field in which that member of the Royal House works. Any requests of this kind should be sent to the Government Information Service (RVD) .