Privacy protection

The purpose of the Media Code is to protect the privacy of the Royal House. It is based on international law and legal precedent with regard to privacy protection.

On request, the Government Information Service (RVD) will advise the media on whether a given photograph depicts a private situation. Media outlets that respect the privacy of members of the Royal House are invited to participate in media opportunities at what would otherwise be private occasions, such as family holidays. If a news outlet has infringed on the privacy of members of the Royal House, it may be denied access to future media opportunities.

The Media Code is not binding. The media decide for themselves whether or not to publish material. Ultimately, the decision on whether the publication of a given photograph constitutes an unlawful infringement of the subject’s privacy rests with the courts.

The publication of photos of their subjects’ private lives can be unlawful. The courts have ruled in various cases that the publication of such a photograph is only legally justifiable if it contributes to public debate on a matter of public interest. The alleged ‘newsworthiness’ of a given photo is not in itself a legal justification for the infringement of the subjects’ privacy.