National 4 and 5 May Committee

The National 4 and 5 May Committee was established by Royal Decree in 1987 to organise events marking Remembrance Day on 4 May and Liberation Day on 5 May.

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Image: ©ANP / Koen van Weel
Amsterdam, 4 May 2015: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima lay a wreath on behalf of the Dutch people at National Monument in Dam Square.

Objectives of the National Committee

The Committee’s objectives are as follows:

  • giving direction to the commemorative and celebratory activities;
  • organising ceremonies and events to mark Remembrance Day on 4 May each year;
  • organising the Liberation Day celebrations on 5 May each year;
  • educating the public for the purpose of increasing involvement and participation in commemoration and celebrations;
  • promoting harmonisation between national and local events.