Prince Maurits (1567-1625) and Prince Frederik Hendrik (1584-1647)

When William of Orange died in 1584, his son Prince Maurits succeeded him as stadholder and captain-general of the army in Holland and Zeeland. He later became stadholder of Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel (in 1590) and Groningen and Drenthe (in 1620).

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Prince Frederik Hendrik.

Prince Maurits achieved major military successes in the war against Spain, including his victory at Nieuwpoort in 1600. During the Twelve Years’ Truce he clashed with Grand Pensionary Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, who was executed in 1619 after a political trial. In the years after the Truce expired in 1621 Maurits no longer played an important military role.

Maurits never married and was succeeded in 1625 by his half-brother Prince Frederik Hendrik.