Video message Queen Máxima on the occasion of the virtual opening of the Kipster branch in North Manchester, Indiana, United States of America

The video message was recorded at the end of 2022 for the opening in January, 2023. The opening has been postponed to August, 2023.

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Today we are celebrating a fantastic new link between the United States of America and the Netherlands. I’d like to thank the people of North Manchester and all of Kipster’s American partners, certainly also Kroger, for their input and involvement in this project. This is a step closer to a truly sustainable, circular agriculture.

Did you know that a chicken has to eat two kilo’s of feed in order to produce one kilo of eggs? It’s such a waste that raw materials fit for human consumption are actually used in that feed. By using by-products, Kipster has been able to produce the world’s first climate-neutral egg. And now it’s going to happen in the US too!

I’m extremely proud that our countries are cooperating so well in this particular field. The future of our planet is at stake, with all its people and animals and our entire ecosystem. When we talk about sustainable agriculture, this is no time to chicken out. As agricultural nations that lead in innovation, we must keep on creating solutions that will bring about change.

Today it’s about chickens. Tomorrow it could be cows and pigs. And the day after tomorrow agriculture as a whole.

We can only reach this goal if we keep working together. I would like to thank all the US business partners and scientists who are so committed to this. It is thanks to your leadership and confidence that we can make the sustainable production of food with respect for animals the new norm.

Kipster goes America! To everyone working at Kipster in North Manchester:   

I wish you every success!