His Royal Highness Prince Friso

On behalf of the Royal Family, the Government Information Service wishes to issue the following communiqué. His Royal Highness Prince Friso was admitted to the Wellington Hospital in London today.

The hospital was chosen on the recommendation of experts, since it can provide the best possible care for the Prince in his current condition.

A return to London was also considered to be the most suitable option for the Prince's children, since it will provide them with the best prospect of continuity and stability. The Prince and his family have lived there for many years.

For the Royal Family, and Princess Mabel and the children in particular, a long, difficult period lies ahead, in which attempts will be made to start the rehabilitation process. Prince Friso's family now needs to have the space to come to terms with his condition, and organise their lives accordingly. They request the media to continue respecting their privacy. The Royal Family is extremely grateful to the media for their restraint in the aftermath of the Prince's accident.

Princess Mabel would again like to express her thanks for the messages of support and kindness she has received. 'The heartfelt sympathy shown to me has been a source of great strength. I am deeply grateful.'

Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Mabel and her children have since left Lech for London.