Prince Friso leaves Wellington Hospital

On behalf of the Royal Family, the Government Information Service wishes to issue the following communiqué.

Prince Friso was discharged from the Wellington Hospital (London) today.

Prince Friso remains in a state of minimal consciousness. While his health situation continues to be of concern, the Prince no longer needs hospital care. Over the coming months, all available options to provide him with the required long-term care and nursing- in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom - will be evaluated in consultation with experts.

Prince Friso will spend this summer with his family at Palace Huis te Bosch in The Hague, where a medical team - led by Prof. Jan van Gijn and Dr. Michael Kuiper - will be entrusted with his care. He arrived there today.

The Royal family wholeheartedly thanks the medical team of the Wellington hospital for their excellent and devoted care.