King to pay virtual working visit to European Medicines Agency

On the afternoon of Friday 19 February 2021, His Majesty the King will pay a virtual working visit to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The King will speak with the agency’s management and staff about the scientific assessment of medicines and overseeing drug safety and reliability.

King pays virtual working visit to European Medicines Agency

The virtual working visit will begin with a discussion of EMA’s tasks and its role in the development and approval of new medicines. This will be followed by a reflection on EMA’s recent move from London to Amsterdam. The King will then speak with a number of scientists about the agency’s role in evaluating and monitoring the quality, efficacy and safety of medicines and of the various coronavirus vaccines. Lastly, the directors and researchers will outline their plans and expectations for the period ahead and give the King a virtual tour of the EMA offices in Amsterdam.

EMA is a European agency with a pivotal role in assessing new medicines before they are authorised for the European market. In addition, it monitors the safety of medicines that are already on the market and takes action if public health risks arise. EMA is also involved in researching and developing new medicines within the European Union. The agency was established in 1995 and has been based in Amsterdam since 2019.

King pays virtual working visit to European Medicines Agency