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Is posting a hyperlink to personal photos of members of the Royal House elsewhere on the internet an infringement on their private lives?

If the publication of a personal photo infringes on the private life of a member of the Royal House, the posting of a link to ...

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What is the Media Code?

Everyone in the Netherlands is entitled to respect for their privacy. This is especially true of children, whose rights in this ...

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Why were lawsuits brought about this issue?

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima took legal action in a number of cases because they believed their private life and that ...

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Were these proceedings related to the Media Code?

No, the courts’ judgments concerned the publication of private photographs that were held in every case to be a legally ...

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Why does the RVD frequently decline to report measures taken in response to specific violations of the Media Code?

Journalists regularly contact the RVD to ask if specific photographs can be published. If the photograph in question depicts its ...

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Isn’t the RVD engaging in censorship when it advises the media on the publication of personal photos?

No, the RVD simply indicates if a photo depicts a private situation, and on those grounds it can advise the media not to publish ...

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Are the media permitted to publish photographs taken from a public thoroughfare or in some other public space?

The publication of photographs of members of the Royal House in private situations is subject to certain legal constraints.

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