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What is the official Twitter account of the Royal House?

The Twitter account @koninklijkhuis is the official channel of the Royal House.

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Where can I find photos of the members of the Royal House?

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What is a state visit?

A state visit is a formal visit by the head of state of one country to the head of state of another country.

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How can I send a letter to a member of the Royal House?

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Can I nominate someone for a royal decoration?

Yes, you can find extensive information about the application process on the website www.lintjes.nl (Dutch only).

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How do I address the members of the Royal House?

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are officially addressed as ‘Your Majesty’.

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When is it permissible for a private photograph to be published?

Courts have ruled that the publication of a private photograph is justified if it contributes to public debate on a matter of ...

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Can private citizens take pictures of this nature?

There is no reason why private citizens/bystanders cannot take photographs for their own personal use, even when the subjects are ...

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Why doesn’t the RVD release information about the private lives of the members of the Royal House?

A Royal Decree of 13 December 1965 lays down that one of the tasks of the Government Information Service (RVD) is to shield the ...

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Is posting a hyperlink to personal photos of members of the Royal House elsewhere on the internet an infringement on their private lives?

If the publication of a personal photo infringes on the private life of a member of the Royal House, the posting of a link to ...

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